Feedback is very important to us to ensure that our events are of the highest quality and to help us when looking at new venues.

Please email us with any suggestions or comments that you have.

Rickmansworth Feedback

"Please, please, PLEASE hold another event at Ricky - it was a lovely course (even if it was much flatter than I prefer) and the facilities on course were excellent". LC Oct 18

"Great event, thank you so much. I’d love to do this one again" 👍😊 PD Oct 18

"Got to be one of my favourites. I'll look forward to the next at this venue". PB Oct 18

"Thanks for a lovely location. Really enjoyed the day. 😁" HM Oct 18

"Thanks for everything guys. Top venue again and a great medal as usual. Thanks for putting these events on and always appreciated" KD Oct 18

"Superb event, the course was just brilliant. I loved that it was so varied and even after 8 laps it still felt fresh. The aid station was outstanding as ever... Turkish delight and pringles, yes! Love the pick your own goodie bag." JT Oct 18

"What a great event, so well organised, great medal and lots of chocolate! What’s not to like!" TS Oct 18

"really, really, really loved this course...super fun and super fast too - cant wait to come back there again. I am really...really..really loving running with you guys....thanks for a great day out" PB Oct 18

"Was a Great event thank you enjoyed the route especially" DV Oct 18


Wendover Feedback


"Just letting you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the event (especially the route) and would certainly aim to do it again next year" SM 9th Jun 18

"Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Wendover wood event.  I have never done anything like it at all.  I always knew I would be last, which is fine  by me, I am not a runner, but I can walk.  I was overawed by how friendly everyone was.  No one made me feel less entitled to be there.  It was a little daunting to be out of sight of everyone in the first two minutes but I soon was just muddled up in the group.

So thank you, it has really helped me with my prep for race to the stones in July." JH 19th May 18

"Thank you for a fabulous event yesterday. Very well organised, cheeky route, friendly folk, ample refreshments on offer, superb medal and my kids loved my goodie bag! Looking forward to doing another event with you." MA 19th May 18

Hillingdon Feedback

"Did my first at Hillingdon Cycle Track. Well organised, friendly and great medal and goody bag" AW 14th Feb 17

"Great three days with you guys such a friendly team always encouraging and great touch with the certificate at the end" GF 5th Oct 17

"I just wanted to thank you both for making my first ever ultra run such a pleasant experience!
Everything was fantastically well organised and whilst with just three marathons under my belt I originally thought I might be very much out of my depth, this was the perfect place and field of runners to attempt to go for 30 miles. The encouragement was ace, the support station very well stocked and my plea for some Vaseline after about three hours was promptly responded to on the next round. I'm looking forward to running with you again soon, my wish would be that Hillingdon is featuring in early 2018 on your events list ;-)
Many thanks and good luck with all future events and your own running," CL 5th Oct 17

"Thanks guys for a great event today. I loved the course - it was 'lumpy' enough to give a bit of interest, and even though it was just under a mile out and back on each lap, it didn't feel boring. And the medal is fab. Just disappointed that no-one dressed up as Freddie in his pvc skirt and padded bra!!! LC 4th Oct 17

"Hi, Just my 2nd marathon with you guys but like the 1st time i loved it! So well organised, friendly and relaxed. 

Another big plus was that you seemed to remember me from Dinton pastures in July and when I mentioned that I would see you in December you mentioned that my wife had signed up too. 

Would I recommend this to my friends?  Well there is about 6 from my running group coming in December suggests that I have  

Finally,  aid stations great, medal out of this world. ...even my daughter mentioned it.....and goody bag stuffed with chocolate.  Not a health bar in sight. Brilliant.  See you in December " KD 4th Oct 17

Dinton Pastures Feedback

"My first race with you yesterday and I was really impressed. Despite the awful weather........ Great organisation, friendly and helpful. The food on offer was brilliant, I’ve never seen so much variety before! Thanks for a great race, I’ll definitely be back" CA 29th Mar 18

"Many thanks for a well organised race on Wednesday. It was a great course and venue and one I’ll definitely do again". OP 17th Dec 17


"Myself and Trisha did the Ice Cream Sundae Challenge at Dinton. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, nibbled on the snacks as well as for me personally doing the furthest distance to date.
Great organisation and value for the pocket!" KE 19th Sep 17

"Thanks for organising yesterday - I had a great time. 

You asked for feedback so here are some quick thoughts:


1) organisation was very good, from the email beforehand to everything on the day; it all felt very smooth and hassle free. 

2) venue was ace. Enjoyed running round Dinton and the course had sufficient shade to take quite a bit of the sting out of the heat. Liked the fact I could have a shower at the end. 

3) ice cream and fizzy drink at the end was a really nice touch which I appreciated.

4) medal good - my children were impressed. 


1) scraping the barrel to find anything to mention here but perhaps the fact the someone really likes their fruit squash strong. 

Overall it was excellent and look forward to running with you again, keep up the good work!" OS 8th July 2017

"Many thanks for a great event, well organised and enjoyable.

Great medals and a very good feeding station.

The pre race information was also very good and accurate as was the race briefing and also the red & white bits of tape scattered around the course as it's really good to run with confidence knowing you're going the right way.

The location was also good, with the start/finish right by the car park, showers, and with tea/coffee and of course the ice cream it was very enjoyable.

It was a little too hot but the trees did afford a lot of shade, a good 75% so that helped.

Only downside for me was there were too many dogs on the course which can't be helped and the bridge near the turnaround point slowed me down a lot. Other than that really good." PD 9th July 2017

"It was a lovely venue...thank goodness for the shady trees! I do hope you have more races there in the future. Thanks for a fab event." HP 7th July 2017

"My first (and unplanned) marathon! Friendly, well organised event and the shade was very welcome. Hope it is on the calendar again next year (or sooner) as I've got a few of my running buddies tempted too...." CG 11th July 2017

"Great venue and very well organised, thank you, just hope it's a tad cooler the next time :)" SE 13th July 2017

Dorney Lake Feedback 

"On 4 March  2018 I did my first marathon.
With 2 weeks to go, the furthest that I had managed in a training run was 18.3 miles, and was still very apprehensive.
The organisation was superb, and being a small event, yet somehow filled with either members of the 100 Marathon club or people trying to join, there were loads of really experienced people to talk to and get advice from. Both before the start and en route.
I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the event, and now that my wife is considering also trying her first, a Running Miles event would be the perfect one for me to join her at!" JB 7th Mar 18


"Thanks for an amazing day! Couldn't have completed my first marathon without the support of you all!!" AS 5th Mar 18

"A big thank you for today. Really good, well organised friendly event. Good course, good atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Will definitely do more of your events this year and into the future and will recommend to others." AS 4th Mar 18


"Did the Dorney Lake Challenge June 2017. Just fantastic ! It was very hot but plenty of fluids, nibbles etc. Great organisation. Looking forward to the March 2018 Dorney Lake but not even these guys can control the snow which is forecast ! HC 26th Feb 18


"Did the Dorney Lake 6hr challenge and have to say it's one of the best events I've been too! Good communication in the lead up to the event. Good instructions on how to get there. Good facilities like parking right at the start/finish, toilet, tea coffee and biscuits before the start. Easy number collection. The route itself was out and back but lots to see - cows, planes, birds etc which passed the time. Liked the arm band with tab so u knew how many laps u had left. Well stocked fuel station with friendly people there to encourage u. All in all a well organised event and a lovely medal at the end! Oh and the pick n mix goodie bag was fabulous" DC 17th Sep 17

"Really enjoyed the event this morning. Well organised and very friendly and encouraging. Only managed the 3 loops but a new distance record for me. Would definitely come along to another event. Thank you

Running Miles" HL 14th Sep 17

"Thanks to everyone for putting on a great event, it was our first time with you.  Refreshments at the end of each loop, on a steaming, hot day were fantastic, and the chunky medal - with miles achieved - was a bonus. We found the wristbands and tabs easy to use.  I thought I would find a 2.6 mile out and back course quite boring, but after 20 plus miles it was quite reassuring to reach the portaloo and know the turnaround was only just beyond, and on the way back the the bin was 500m from the turn/finish." LW 18th Jun 17

"Great run at eton dorney. So well organised. Really positive atmosphere throughout. I hope to do another event soon, can't recommend highly enough." FS 17th Jun 17

"I took part in your event yesterday and have to say, I almost didn’t go as I live on the South Coast and the very idea of M25 then M4 early in the morning just did not appeal. However, I got myself sorted and out of the house early doors….I think I was the second person to arrive at the event !! 

I am so glad I did. What a fabulous location.  I have done a number of lap events and am a member of the 100 marathon club. I was drawn to this event last year as it was something new. Sadly I couldn’t get to the first one last year and after hearing so much good stuff from pals about it, I knew I had to go. 

The set up was spot on. Easy parking. Plenty of loos and free tea and coffee for any of us, especially welcome to us early birds. 

The laps themselves were twisty and windy enough to keep you interested. I liked seeing the flag on the church on the way back, and then glimpsing the green tops of your gazebos to show I was almost at the end of another lap..…also am a bit of a plane spotter and just LOVED to see the airplanes taking off from Heathrow !! 

If I had to pick one thing that impressed me most I couldn’t…it would have to be two. 

The ladies who drove out to the turn around bin with a plastic trough of water and sponges for us as man alive, it was HOT….plus….a stash of water. That was a sight for sore eyes and thank you to them. 

Also…the Help Yourself Goody bag. Pretty unique and never seen such a thing. 

So, massive thanks to you all for such a great event.  

A massive thumbs up from me." NS 16th Jun 17

"Fantastic day at Dorney Lake. The event was perfectly organised and there was a fantastic selection of drinks and food at the aid station. There was great encouragement from all the staff and other runners." JM 16th Jun 17

"Really enjoyed this morning, well organised event, great medal. Just wish it had been a bit cooler though!" LC 15th Jun 17

"Great event, faultless organisation from start to (eventual) finish!! Brilliant encouragement & support throughout from the other competitors and a fab aid station. Well done all at Running Miles, and thanks." AT 10th Mar 17

"Fantastic Day. So well organised. Perfect event for training for your first marathon. Can't thank you enough 👍" JF 9th Mar 17

“Fantastic organisation, very friendly and aid station the best I've seen”. SE 10th Oct 16


“Very well organised marathon and I enjoyed taking part”. MB 10th Oct 16

“I would like to see some shelter over the kit bags in case it rains”. PS 8th Oct 16 – We will have an additional gazebo for kit bags at future events, Steve

“Great event, I would definitely do it again. Feed station was excellent” KT 8th Oct 16

“Everyone was friendly, good aid station, medal and atmosphere. Some people like laps and others don't. Flat makes it a PB course. I will recommend your event to everyone. It was my 191st marathon”. DD 7th Oct 16

“I liked the fact that the course wasn't just a straight line (like the route around the lake) as mentally it's just a bit easier to deal with. Organisation was spot on and everyone was very friendly”. RJ 7th Oct 16

“Fantastic event. Well organised. Good Marshalling, Excellent aid station. Wristband was a bit tricky to tear off numbers and put in tube, especially when tired. Rubber bands for wrist is much easier”. MW 7th Oct 16 We are looking at alternatives to the ‘marmite’ wristbands, Steve

“As a vegan I was really impressed with the aid Station”. SW 7th Oct 16 - We can’t take all the credit,  the  homemade Vegan cake was generously donated by a fellow runner! Steve

“Could not fault anything. An amazing event, Do not change a thing!!” NW 7th Oct 16

“I've probably run about 50 (marathons) in the UK overall, and find it incredible that this was your first event. It was faultless, the aid station was one of the best I've encountered, the medal and goody bag were excellent and the whole vibe was an absolute joy”. CL 7th Oct 16

“Can’t sing the praises high enough to this event and all involved. Superb organisation and set up. The course was lovely and great to do laps knowing where the loos and food stop was”. ME 7th Oct 16

“My first marathon! Perfect for me as there was no pressure to do the whole thing”. SD 7th Oct 16

“Well done guys, you put some established events to shame with the organisation. Medal was brilliant, aid station was fantastic and goody bag was great!” DB 7th Oct 16

“This was a fantastically well organised race in a great location with a well stocked aid station. Your volunteers were very supportive and helpful and the medal is amazing”. LC 7th Oct 16

Received on the 6th October 2016

Dear Sir


Having just finished running the marathon i feel I need to let you my serious concerns

I'm really disappointed, for the following reasons:

  1. The directions to the race was spot on and there was no chance of getting lost. I normally allow an hour for getting lost but since the directions were easy to follow I ended up arriving an hour early.

  2. The car park was free and all the cars were parked in a straight line! The Marshall on the car park was friendly & helpful. Is it normal to be that lively though at 8 in the morning?

  3. I registered without any wait and got my race number and safety pins.

  4. There was free hot race drinks and you refused to take my money.

  5. The event started on time and was very well organised. A nice friendly briefing and I didn't have to queue for the toilets.

  6. The race itself was set in great surroundings and enjoyable.

  7. The race signage meant I couldn't get lost and actually run 26.2 miles!

  8. There was too much food at the rest point and there was too much choice. In fact I reckon I put on weight!

  9. When I finished I was cheered in.

  10. I then was allowed to fill a goody bag with what I wanted.

  11. I was given a heavy duty metal medal that could've given me a neck ache.

  12. I got out of the car park without having to wait.


I could go on but I guess you get the point.

So my moan is there is nothing to moan about. I can't even ask for a refund as you didn't even charge me.

For people like me who have to find something to moan about, it's just not fair!!!

I demand that next time you don't put on such a excellent event.

In all serious, a real fantastic event



Paul McKay